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Tire Switch Inc. is not responsible for maintenance on rims, tires or vehicles. Our services simply include switching tires. Tire Switch Inc. assumes no liability for pre-existing damage on rims, tires or vehicles. Our technicians install tires that you as the owner ensure to be both safe and correct for your vehicle. In the event tires are deemed unsafe by a Tire Switch technician, they reserve the right to refuse installation. Customers hereby assume the responsibility of reporting any vehicle issues, including but not limited to tire or rim damage, to their professional garage mechanic.

Tire Switch Inc. and the Ministry of Transportation recommend getting your wheel fasteners re-examined after 80 kilometres. Re-examining helps to make sure that the seal in between the car and the wheel remain tight-fitting. It is generally a no charge, no appointment necessary service to have re-tourquing performed at the garage of your choosing. If your vehicle begins to make unfamiliar noises or vibrations at any point in time, pull off the road immediately and contact a tow company or Tire Switch Inc. to walk you through your next steps.